Wetherbee Book

Wetherbee's Block Island
Compiled and Written by Jack Lynch
Photographs by Meg Lynch Doyle and Jack Lynch
Hardcover with Glossy Dust Cover $37.00, Free Shipping
"A Tale of Two Artists" by Lisa Stiepock of the Block Island Times
"The wonders of Wetherbee" by Robert Whitcomb of the Providence Journal

Wetherbee's Block Island is the culmination of a project started in 1996.  After obtaining an exclusive license to reproduce paintings and murals created by Holden Wetherbee at the Highview Hotel in the late 1940s, Jack Lynch and his photographer daughter Meg proceeded to photograph the artwork.  The mural in the first floor bar of the hotel had deteriorated badly by 1996 and presently is in worse condition.  Paintings in the dining room and elsewhere in the hotel had been spattered with paint when the rooms were repainted and several had become streaked from burst pipes.  At any rate, Wetherbee's Highview paintings, comprising more than forty images, were captured on film and preserved as of 1996.

A series of ten lithographs depicting portions of the murals and selected dining room paintings were published in 1996 and sold at the Coastal Design Gallery and Jessie Edward's Studio.  In 2009, work began to preserve and make available a collection of Wetherbee's Block Island paintings in book form as well as small and large scale reproductions. 

In Wetherbee's Block Island the paintings are organized in three parts: the Highview mural; swordfishing; and Island scenes.  The book contains a biography of Wetherbee, a short essay about harpooning swordfish and descriptions of Wetherbee's paintings which are accompanied by contemporaneous photos, drawings and paintings.