Sword Harpooning Swordfishing off the New England Coast, and its Demise
Written by Jack Lynch
Illustrated by William Hall
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Book Reviews
Lynch writes about a venerable tradition of commercial swordfishing by harpoon that was once centered on Block Island, R.I. . . Readers will discover that Lynch, through his literal, plainspoken prose, enjoyably offers a panorama of what the thrill of harpoon fishing was all about. A clearly conveyed record of a thrilling, bygone era."Kirkus Review
"Jack Lynch, our own home grown Izaac Walton, undaunted by the fear that Melville and Hemingway might be hard acts to follow, has crafted his own grand story of fish and the sea, this one centered on Block Island. . . . [H]e describes in exacting and exciting detail how that improbably armed fish weighing hundreds of pounds was once harpooned in great numbers off our shores." The Block Island Times
"Jack Lynch has a thing for fishing in New England, and writing about it. . . This is a good yarn, not a dusty treatise. Mr. Lynch has crafted a clever collage of the real-life adventures and misadventures of swordfishermen and women at sea and dockside. . . His story begins in 1941 and continues until long-lining all but replaced the lance 50 years later." The Martha's Vineyard Times
"For those who know next to nothing about swordfishing and want to learn, or for swordfishermen themselves who love tales of the sea, "Sword: Harpooning Swordfish Off the New England Coast and Its Demise" (2012) by Jack Lynch is a fascinating read. . . Lynch got the idea for "Sword" after seeing swordfishing paintings by H.D. Wetherbee, a Block Island artist who painted at the height of the harpooning age." The Cape Cod Times
About the Book
Read about the golden age of harpooning swordfish along the New England Coast.  Following Gideon McVey’s career from his teenage years in the 1940s until the 1990s when longlining swordfish obsoleted the art of harpooning.  And learn about Oliver James, a seasoned harpooner and Gideon’s mentor, who encounters a German U-boat on Georges Bank during World War II.  Then follow Oliver’s grandson and Gideon’s partner, Driver James, who used a spotting plane in an attempt to compete with the long liners.